Telltale Updates Older Games

As you may know by now, Telltale have updated their older games. Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race have been updated to the newest version of the Telltale engine. It looks like Texas Holdem will soon be updated too.

Unfortunately, they’ve also updated the resource files used by the games – these are all now encrypted. The end result of this is that Telltale Explorer cant handle the new resource files. CSI will still work, as will the old versions of the games, but the new updated ones wont. I’m trying to fix this, but its very difficult, since the new resource files are heavily obscured and encrypted. In the meantime, people can keep an eye on the SCUMM hacking forums to see what progress is being made.

Happily, there’s also good news. Music can still be extracted using the Telltale Music Extractor, and the tool also works with the new Telltale game – Sam and Max: Culture Shock (which you should all be buying).


The Mixnmojo/Lfnetwork server had its annual hard drive crash last week – consequentally this site was also down. Things are mostly back to normal now, but there are still a few problems. For one thing, I’ve just noticed that the readme’s for the programs have all gone, I’ll try and fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime, if anyone notices any other problems please let me know.

[Edit] Let me know in the comments since email is also down.

Telltale Explorer – Another New Tool

Telltale Explorer – a program to extract, view and convert resources from the 4 Telltale games that have been released so far. The tool will be instantly familiar to anyone that’s used Psychonauts Explorer, it uses the same interface and has similar features.

Some of the things that you can do with the latest version of Telltale Explorer:

  • Open and dump files from Telltale archives.
  • Display a preview of images, textures and fonts.
  • Save images/fonts as JPEG, BMP or PNG.
  • Extract and save music as ogg files.
  • Decode the dialog scripts for CSI and Texas Hold’em.
  • View the contents of many other Telltale files.

Get it here.

Site Revamp

After being plagued by comment spam the site’s news system has been changed from Cutenews to WordPress. This wont affect the site much, old url’s are automatically redirected, the only thing that people need to change is the url of the RSS feed.

Alongside this, the site’s design has been changed to give it a cleaner, more modern appearance. There shouldn’t be any problems with the new site, but if you notice anything please let me know.

ScummVM ToolBox

Announcing a new program: ScummVM ToolBox.

The program expands upon a feature of the now defunct ScummVM Q+E – it provides a friendly, quick and easy frontend to the ScummVM command line tools. For those that dont know, these tools let you compress the audio and video files in many games, extract the datafiles from certain games and decompile scripts from SCUMM games, the Legend of Kyrandia and Broken Sword 2.

These extra tools dont have a gui and previously required much typing at the command prompt if you wanted to tweak the settings. Now though, you can just use the ScummVM ToolBox. It uses a simple wizard-style interface modelled on that used by Nero Express, downloads all the extra files needed, cleans up any temp files and replaces command line switches with a friendly interface. All you need to do is download the program and run it.

In truth this program isnt completely new, I released it on the ScummVM forums a few months ago. I havent really had the time or motivation to make any further changes so I’m releasing it as it is. There are some missing features, these are listed in the readme, if you would like to see these added you can always contact me and ask.

Quick And Easy Software – Four (and a bit) Years Old!

Firstly a big thank-you to everyone who’s donated through Paypal. I really appreciate your support. Quick and Easy Software is now more than 4 years old and from a test project I made to teach myself programming, its grown into the juggernaut* that you see today.

I’m continuing to work on existing and new programs; recently I’ve been able to deceipher a bit more of the Psychonauts PS2 resource file and have now located the speech and music files. In the past some people have expressed interest in translating some of my programs into other languages. If anyone’s still interested in this then let me know. Obviously you will need to be reasonably fluent in both English and your other language, but its not like the programs contain a great deal of text. I myself cant translate my programs, as they arent made up of French road directions or German numbers.

* I considered using the word behemoth instead, but that was a lie too far.

Grim Fandango Updates

While replaying Grim Fandango recently, the ever-vigilant Huz spotted a bug with my Grim Fandango Launcher. The launcher checks if the Grim patch has been installed – if not it will download and install it for you. However the launcher also lets you play the game entirely from the hard drive – by copying files from the cd’s. Still with me? The problem was this – if you patched the game and then later told the launcher to copy the game datafiles to hard drive, one file ( would be overwritten by an older version from the cd.

Anyway, it’s fixed now and you can download Grim Fandango Launcher 1.3 here.

While I was looking into this I was reminded of yet another unreleased program of mine. I loaded it up, tidied and tweaked it and the Grim Fandango Dialog Editor is now publicly available. It does what it says on the tin, and allows you to edit the subtitle text in Grim Fandango. This may be useful for those wanting to translate the text into another language.

Download it here.

Psychonauts Saved Game Editor

Announcing a new program: the Psychonauts Saved Game Editor.

A great many settings are stored within Psychonauts’ saved games and using this tool you can edit them all. Variables such as the number of lives, rank etc. can be changed and you can even alter more exotic settings such as the model used for inventory items. I myself havent looked into what a lot of the settings do so there’s bound to be more things to discover.

A common tasks menu keeps things simple and allows you to quickly change popular settings such as the number of lives. You can also switch the current level and jump to any level on the game. This tool is probably the closest we’ll come to a Psychonauts debug mode (until someone figures out how to unlock it).

I originally made this tool for my own use, recently though I decided to clean it up, make it a bit more user-friendly and release it. I hope you find it useful.

Download it here.

Source and a Progress Update

I forgot that I hadnt uploaded the latest source code for Psychonauts Explorer. You can now download the source for 1.2 here.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop development on ScummVM Quick And Easy. Improvements to ScummVM have meant that its far easier to use than its command line driven ancestors, and planned future features such as game autodetection and a new prettier gui call into question the need for a frontend like Q+E. I cant really call a frontend ‘quick and easy’ when it requires you to choose the location of your game and an appropriate target while ScummVM can auto-detect the game itself. Additionally, changes such as the merging of multiple game targets into 1 make it much harder for ScummVM Q+E to co-exist in a clean way with ScummVM.

Read moreSource and a Progress Update

Psychonauts Explorer 1.2

As promised I’ve released a new version of Psychonauts Explorer.

New in version 1.2:


  • File search tool.
  • Partial (and experimental) support for the PS2 version.
  • Fixes:

  • File dumping has been completely overhauled – now files never get overwritten.
  • Better handling of duplicate files within archives.
  • Xbox version – a few image files were listed as tga so couldnt be viewed.
  • PC Demo Version – In the .pkg file some file types were incorrectly recognised.
  • Image previews are now larger and proportional to the window size.
  • Renamed the level models and added the correct file extension.
  • Cosmetic changes:

  • New program icon.
  • Added icons for all filetypes.
  • Filetype icons now shown in the view menu.
  • Some other minor cosmetic changes.

PS2 support is only partial, around half the files are displayed and it may not work with some versions of the game. If you want full PS2 support see this post.

Download the new version here.