Psychonauts Explorer – Xbox fix

It’s been brought to my attention that the current release of Psychonauts Explorer doesnt work correctly with the Xbox version – specifically the .ppf and .pkg files. This was due to a silly mistake on my part.

If you want to use Psychonauts Explorer with Psychonauts for Xbox you should download and use this fixed version.

The next version of Psychonauts Explorer is progressing nicely. John Doe has made a new audio decoder which is a big improvement on my old one. It decodes all the pc audio and fixes many of the problems with xbox audio. It also means that you will no longer need the Xbox ADPCM codec installed. I’m also making good progress with the .ppf level files. Hopefully in the next version you’ll be able to view and dump many of the images/textures from the individual levels.

Welcome to the new site!

Finally, after literally years of prevaricating, I’ve made a new site. Of course being all shiny and new its got all the latest 2002’s greatest features including an RSS news feed and comments system. Further down the page you’ll also notice a paypal button, where you can make a donation. I am unemployed and poor, with your help and a little more of this e-begging I could become slightly less poor and a little more drunk. You can make a difference.

Enjoy the new site, leave lots of comments, oh and I might release some more programs at some point too.

A new program – Psychonauts Explorer

A program to extract, view and convert resources from the excellent game Psychonauts. Similar in function to Scumm Revisited, the program has many excellent features:

Some of the things that you can do with the latest version of Psychonauts Explorer:

  • Open and dump files from .pkg, .ppf, .isb and .xwb archives.
  • Display a preview of (dds) images.
  • Save images as JPEG, BMP or PNG.
  • Resize and apply a resampling filter to images.
  • Extract and save music and speech as wav and ogg files.
  • Use both the Pc and Xbox versions of Psychonauts.
  • View the contents of many other Psychonauts files.

Get it here.