Psychonauts Saved Game Editor

Announcing a new program: the Psychonauts Saved Game Editor.

A great many settings are stored within Psychonauts’ saved games and using this tool you can edit them all. Variables such as the number of lives, rank etc. can be changed and you can even alter more exotic settings such as the model used for inventory items. I myself havent looked into what a lot of the settings do so there’s bound to be more things to discover.

A common tasks menu keeps things simple and allows you to quickly change popular settings such as the number of lives. You can also switch the current level and jump to any level on the game. This tool is probably the closest we’ll come to a Psychonauts debug mode (until someone figures out how to unlock it).

I originally made this tool for my own use, recently though I decided to clean it up, make it a bit more user-friendly and release it. I hope you find it useful.

Download it here.

1 thought on “Psychonauts Saved Game Editor”

  1. Using this tool I have managed to get about a milion cobwebs and then have the cobwebs turned into psy cards and then to have to wait for them to be made for one hour. it was fun.

    I am checking if it is possible to get all the psycic powers right from the beggining, I am going to check after I post this message.

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