Source and a Progress Update

I forgot that I hadnt uploaded the latest source code for Psychonauts Explorer. You can now download the source for 1.2 here.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop development on ScummVM Quick And Easy. Improvements to ScummVM have meant that its far easier to use than its command line driven ancestors, and planned future features such as game autodetection and a new prettier gui call into question the need for a frontend like Q+E. I cant really call a frontend ‘quick and easy’ when it requires you to choose the location of your game and an appropriate target while ScummVM can auto-detect the game itself. Additionally, changes such as the merging of multiple game targets into 1 make it much harder for ScummVM Q+E to co-exist in a clean way with ScummVM.

It’s not the end of my support for ScummVM though, some bits of ScummVM Quick and Easy aren’t replicated in ScummVM itself. For example – the daily/stable build downloader and the ability to schedule the downloads silently so that your daily builds of ScummVM are always up to date. I’ll probably release a small program with these functions at some point.

What’s really worth keeping from Q+E is the frontend for the ScummVM extra tools (eg those to compress audio and video files) – the ones that dont have a gui and require much typing at the command prompt if you want to tweak the settings. ScummVM Q+E included a frontend for some of these tools – but not all of them. I’ve recently started learning C# and needed a test project – so I chose to make a frontend for the ScummVM tools.

Development is quite advanced – I’ve added support for a number of the tools and it shouldnt take long to add support for the remaining ones. As you’d expect the program is ‘quick and easy’ – you dont have to choose any complicated settings, you can simply use the recommended defaults, extra tools such as lame and oggenc are included, temp files are managed and cleaned up automatically if a tool fails and completed files are moved to an area that you specify. Take a look at the screenshots below for a preview (obviously the name and graphics are going to change).