Psychonauts Explorer 1.2

As promised I’ve released a new version of Psychonauts Explorer.

New in version 1.2:


  • File search tool.
  • Partial (and experimental) support for the PS2 version.
  • Fixes:

  • File dumping has been completely overhauled – now files never get overwritten.
  • Better handling of duplicate files within archives.
  • Xbox version – a few image files were listed as tga so couldnt be viewed.
  • PC Demo Version – In the .pkg file some file types were incorrectly recognised.
  • Image previews are now larger and proportional to the window size.
  • Renamed the level models and added the correct file extension.
  • Cosmetic changes:

  • New program icon.
  • Added icons for all filetypes.
  • Filetype icons now shown in the view menu.
  • Some other minor cosmetic changes.

PS2 support is only partial, around half the files are displayed and it may not work with some versions of the game. If you want full PS2 support see this post.

Download the new version here.

13 thoughts on “Psychonauts Explorer 1.2”

  1. Hey all,
    I\’ve been searching and searching, but I simply cannot find the music file for when A). Raz get\’s a new Psychic Power and (spoilers):
    B). When Raz becomes a psyconaut

    Yes, I know they\’re two different songs. The trouble is, I have no idea where to find either of them. I\’ve looked in all of the music.isb files I could find…

    SO, if anyone knows where to find them or could find them for me, I\’d be much oblidged.

  2. The music extraction doesn\’t seem to be working at all, either by extracting the file and having the ADPCM codec installed or by using the save audio file button. When I try to play them in winamp, it lists the time at 0:00 or otherwise fails to open them.

  3. Can I use this explorer to extract or edit the game’s dialog line? Or when will a dialog-editor for Psychonauts come out? (like the one for Grim Fandango or Bone)

  4. I saw someone in the psychonauts section of lucasforum have asked for a dialog-editor once, for fan-translation. I have the same request, so could you please try to make one?

  5. I’ve recently downloaded the app and I’m very impressed — I’m using it with the PC version.

    One issue, though: alpha channels in the extracted images (BMP or PNG) don’t appear to be preserved. Is that perhaps a feature that might be added to a future release?

    Also, the raw, unconverted DDS files themselves don’t seem to be recognised by any DDS software I’ve used. Are they a proprietary format?

  6. The dds files are proprietary yes. The image data is in normal dds format, but the header is stored differently and has to be converted.

    Preserving alpha might be tricky, its all dependant on the dds decoder I use. There is a different decoder, which I’ll switch to if I release another version.

    Its been a while since I worked on Psychonauts Explorer, but I was toying with a ‘save as dds’ option – to save as a valid dds, this would give at least one way to get correct alpha. Again, this is a possibility if I update the program.

  7. For the help file: the .dfs files are the chapter indexes for the cutscenes. It tells it which frame to jump to next if you hit X or [Space] during a cut scene.

  8. Great tool!

    It would be great if there was a dialog editor so i could translate parts of the game for my little-sister.

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