Quick And Easy Week – Day 4: Psychonauts Saved Game Editor

Thursday’s tool is the Psychonauts Saved Game Editor.

There’s been some minor cosmetic changes, Vista compatibility has been tweaked and 25 new common tasks have been added. These allow you to change the ammount of ammo you have, give yourself items such as the cobweb duster, enable/disable Raz’s powers and much more. Many thanks to Bosam and Tobi Lukefisher for sending me these new tasks.

Download it here.

Psychonauts Saved Game Editor

2 thoughts on “Quick And Easy Week – Day 4: Psychonauts Saved Game Editor”

  1. Is there any chance of a version of this software that can load gametap saves of psychonauts?
    I lost all of my saved games, this would help me a lot!

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