Contact/Email Problems

I’ve just discovered that a lot of the legitimate email sent via my contact page is being incorrectly labelled as spam by my email provider. This means that I haven’t received some of the emails that people have sent.

I’ve now looked though my spam folder and replied to those people whose emails were trapped in spam limbo. Some older emails though may be gone for good, so if you’ve contacted me over the past few months and not received a reply – please contact me again.

Steps have now been taken to fix this problem. Sorry about that.

2 thoughts on “Contact/Email Problems”

  1. I’ve got windows vista 64 bits ultimate, and can’t install grim fandango, maybe if you could make me an registry tool, i can fix the problem by manual dowloading the files to my harddisk and using your tool to start the game. i’ve got the game originally…

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