Telltale Music Extractor updated

As requested, I’ve updated Telltale Music Extractor. This release adds support for Minecraft Story mode Episodes 6-8, The Walking Dead Michonne and Batman Episode 1.

I’ve tried to make it so that the unreleased episodes from Minecraft and Batman should work without needing an update of the program.

Download it here.

DoubleFine Explorer – Now supports DOTT Remastered

It took a little longer than expected but today I’ve released a new version of DoubleFine Explorer with support for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

I’ve added decoders for the images, costumes, fonts and audio so these can all be viewed/played and dumped.

The engine used in DOTT seems to be the ‘Remonkeyed engine’ that was used for the Monkey Island special editions. There are changes of course, particularly to how images are stored but much of it seems to be the same.

Download it here.

Telltale Speech Extractor updated and Music Extractor fixed (again)

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Telltale Speech Extractor. It now supports Tales from the Borderlands Episodes 2-5, Game of Thrones Episodes 2-5 and Minecraft Story Mode Episodes 1 and 2. There’s a few extra voice files for Minecraft, see the readme for more information on that.

Download it here.

I’ve also updated Telltale Music Extractor again to fix music dumping from .bank files – that’s the music used in Game of Thrones and Minecraft Story Mode. Its now much quicker and produces better quality audio.

I should also mention that it still requires a lot of space when dumping (at least 4GB) because it produces uncompressed wav files for some games. Many thanks to David Johnson and MrPowerGamerBR for their help in testing the previous wonky version and making me realise that I had to find a better solution.

Download it here.

Telltale Music Extractor updated. Now dumps all music again.

As promised, I’ve updated Telltale Music Extractor; it now supports Game of Thrones Episodes 2-5, Tales From The Borderlands Episodes 2-5 and Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes 1 and 2.

I’ve also fixed the problems with missing music in Game of Thrones. In practice this meant that I had to switch languages to C++ and write a custom .bank file dumper. This was a huge pain, but it does mean that all music is now dumped.

The complexity of the new dumping system may mean that I’ve made some mistakes so please let me know if you think its not dumping all the music from Game of Thrones or Minecraft. Also please be aware that dumping from these games requires a lot of space and takes a long time – the music is dumped as uncompressed wav’s and will take up at least 4GB of space. There are a few more things to watch out for, see the readme for more information.

Download it here.

[Edit] – I know the dumping for Game of Thrones and Minecraft is still a bit wonky – I think I’ve found an even better way of dumping from these games but it’ll take a few days to test.

[Edit 2] – Fixed in the latest version.

New website, toast-making function coming in future update

Apparently people browse the internet on phones and tablets now and Google is downranking sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Although this clashes with my nostalgic view of everyone using an Amiga 1200 and 33.6k modem I cant ignore Google rankings.

So here’s my new website; its responsive, mobile friendly and will probably make toast too if needed. Now that’s out of the way I’m going to get back to making software. I’ve been updating a number of my programs and will release new versions next week.

DoubleFine Explorer Now Supports Grim Fandango Remastered

I’ve added support for Grim Fandango Remastered to DoubleFine Explorer. The original files can still be decoded with SCUMM Revisited, so in this release I’ve concentrated on adding support for the newer stuff introduced in the Remastered version. That mostly boils down to viewing/decoding/dumping the audio and images. The main features added to support Grim Remastered are:

  • The .mcb files in MATERIALS.LAB are the new textures – these can all be viewed and batch saved.
  • The music and voices as well as the new commentary audio can all be played back and batch saved.
  • The concept art in IMAGES.LAB are just normal png images and can be viewed and saved.

This release uses VIMA decoding code from the legendary Jimmi Thøgersen (Serge), many thanks to him. Although its 15 years old, his most famous tool SCUMM Revisited 2 is still the goto tool for anything related to the SCUMM engine and it works with Grim Remastered.

Download DoubleFine Explorer here.

Telltale Music and Speech Extractor Both Updated

I’ve added support for Game of Thrones episode 1 to Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor.

As I’ve done previously, I’ve added skeleton support for the remaining episodes – assuming that the file format and naming convention remain the same, the new episodes should work without me needing to update the program.

Amongst other changes the speech extractor has now caught up with the music extractor and lets you open individual ttarch files.

Download them here.

[Edit] – It seems that Game of Thrones stores some of its music differently. At the moment only a small number of tracks are dumped by the Music Extractor. The Speech Extractor still works fine.

[Edit2] – This is now fixed in the new version of the Music Extractor

DoubleFine Explorer Bugfix

I’ve updated DoubleFine Explorer. The full list of changes is:

  • Fixed a bug that stopped the streaming music in Brutal Legend from decoding.
  • Added partial support for Psychonauts. Right now the data2.pkg file and parts of the level pack files work. I would still recommend that people use Psychonauts Explorer in most cases.
    The only reason for using this for Psychonauts at the moment is if you have the new Steam or GOG version of the game. The level pack files have changed in these and cant be opened in Psychonauts Explorer.

Download it here.

Grim Fandango Setup and Launcher programs also updated

Yesterday I released updated versions of my Escape From Monkey Island setup program and launcher. Today I’m doing the same for my Grim Fandango equivalents.

Changes to the setup program:

  • Changed the cd detection code to fix the problem that some people had when it couldn’t search through all their drives and find the cd.

Changes to the launcher program:

  • Added option to use sounds in the launcher – just like the original game launcher does. Its enabled by default.
  • Added keyboard navigation to launcher.
  • Fixed debug keys form displaying incorrectly on some high res systems.
  • Added a few fixes to make the launcher work correctly in Windows 8.
  • Fixed launcher position on multi-monitor systems. Now appears in current screen center.

Download Grim Fandango Setup here and Grim Fandango Launcher here.

Escape From Monkey Island Setup and Launcher programs updated

After a short delay of a mere 3 years I have finally kept my promise and updated my Escape From Monkey Island launcher and setup programs.

For those that are unaware, the setup program is a replacement installer for Escape From Monkey Island. while the launcher is an improved version of the launcher program that LucasArts shipped with the game. It has a number of features not present in the original launcher such as running in windowed mode and patching the game to run in a higher resolution. The launcher program is included with the installer.

Changes to the setup program:

  • Now fully supports all language versions of the game. There is one file “i9n.m4b” that is only found in the non-English versions of the game. Previously this file wasn’t copied – this is now fixed.
  • Changed the cd detection code to fix the problem that some people had when it couldn’t search through all their drives and find the cd.

Changes to the launcher program:

  • Can now apply a no cd patch – so the cds don’t need to be in the drive to play.
    • I resisted adding this for years due to concerns about piracy but now things have changed. The game is really old, its unavailable to buy and many computers no longer have a cd drive. It will work for every version of the game except Italian.
  • The resolution patch has been updated to support the most common resolutions and to allow you to choose a custom resolution.
    • Remember that the game wasn’t designed for this so there are some issues. See the readme for more information about this.
  • The resolution patch has been improved:
    • The game should now work in windowed mode when patched to a higher resolution. This doesn’t work for every resolution but works fine for most 4:3 resolutions
    • Cutscene movies now scale up to fill more of the screen. The patch now edits the movies to make them play at double size when appropriate. The original videos are 640×480, while the doubled videos are 1280×960. So at resolutions of 1280×960 and above the launcher will patch the movie files to make them double size. Many thanks to Gannet for these resolution fixes.
  • Added option to use sounds in the launcher – just like the original game launcher does. Its enabled by default.

Download EMI Setup here and EMI Launcher here.