Introducing The Vault

Over the years many brilliant tools have been created and many of these used to be hosted on Lucashacks. Unfortunately, during one of Mixnmojo’s many catastrophes Lucashacks was lost, the SCUMM Revisited website went with it and recently Lucasforums disappeared too.

This means that there’s lots of information and tools that have disappeared from the internet. In an effort to fix this I’ve created The Vault – a section on this site where I’m hosting all the SCUMM/Lucasarts tools that have disappeared. I’ve uploaded 27 tools today and there’s still more to add.

Just to make it clear – none of these tools were written by me – they are hosted here for posterity.

Visit The Vault and have a look.

I released a game – Atoms

I’ve just released a game on the Google Play Store. Its a remake of a classic Amiga game by Tom Kuhn that I’ve always loved.

Atoms is a fun, turn-based multiplayer game based on explosions and chain reactions. You can read more about it on its page but of course I’d love you to install and try it.

I always told myself that if and when I made a game – the first one would be an Atoms remake. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and although its missing some elements (like a tutorial) it works well and keeps me and my friends entertained. Its written using Corona SDK which I like because its cross-platform, has lots of useful documentation and uses Lua – which I’ve enjoyed programming with.

Please download and give it a try!
Get it on Google Play

Telltale Explorer updated. Is old.

I’ve just released a new version of Telltale Explorer. See the readme for the full list of changes but the highlights are:

  • Added support for The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead Season Two, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones.
  • Fixed the broken images in Poker Night 2 and later games – all images should now decode correctly.
  • Added Lua script decompiling for the games released since The Wolf Among Us.
  • Changed the appearance a little to make it easier to use
  • Improved the autodetection of resources so all games should decode correctly again

While working on it I realised that Telltale Explorer is now more than 10 years old. The first version was made in 2006 and the fact that I’ve continued to update it for so long is preposterous and deeply scary. Originally it worked on the two games available  – Out From Boneville and Telltale Texas Holdem, it now supports 25 games and has some ridiculously complicated code just to deal with so many different versions and file formats. If I’d thought about it I could have released this version it as a ‘special anniversary edition’ or something. Oh well.

Download it here.

USB Disk Ejector finally updated

It doesn’t seem like it, but its been a rather terrifying 5 years since the last release of USB Disk Ejector.

Version adds an option to use the escape key to minimize the window, fixes problems with some rare drives that don’t have a mountpoint and stops compressing with UPX. The changes are described in more detail in the readme.

Download it here.

Telltale Speech Extractor also updated

3 days and 3 software updates. Enjoy this unusual productivity while it lasts.

Today I’ve released a new version of Telltale Speech Extractor. It adds support for Minecraft Story Mode Episodes 3-7, Game of Thrones Episode 6 and all episodes of The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Download it here.

Telltale Music Extractor updated

As requested, I’ve updated Telltale Music Extractor. This release adds support for Minecraft Story mode Episodes 6-8, The Walking Dead Michonne and Batman Episode 1.

I’ve tried to make it so that the unreleased episodes from Minecraft and Batman should work without needing an update of the program.

Download it here.

DoubleFine Explorer – Now supports DOTT Remastered

It took a little longer than expected but today I’ve released a new version of DoubleFine Explorer with support for Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

I’ve added decoders for the images, costumes, fonts and audio so these can all be viewed/played and dumped.

The engine used in DOTT seems to be the ‘Remonkeyed engine’ that was used for the Monkey Island special editions. There are changes of course, particularly to how images are stored but much of it seems to be the same.

Download it here.

Telltale Speech Extractor updated and Music Extractor fixed (again)

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Telltale Speech Extractor. It now supports Tales from the Borderlands Episodes 2-5, Game of Thrones Episodes 2-5 and Minecraft Story Mode Episodes 1 and 2. There’s a few extra voice files for Minecraft, see the readme for more information on that.

Download it here.

I’ve also updated Telltale Music Extractor again to fix music dumping from .bank files – that’s the music used in Game of Thrones and Minecraft Story Mode. Its now much quicker and produces better quality audio.

I should also mention that it still requires a lot of space when dumping (at least 4GB) because it produces uncompressed wav files for some games. Many thanks to David Johnson and MrPowerGamerBR for their help in testing the previous wonky version and making me realise that I had to find a better solution.

Download it here.

Telltale Music Extractor updated. Now dumps all music again.

As promised, I’ve updated Telltale Music Extractor; it now supports Game of Thrones Episodes 2-5, Tales From The Borderlands Episodes 2-5 and Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes 1 and 2.

I’ve also fixed the problems with missing music in Game of Thrones. In practice this meant that I had to switch languages to C++ and write a custom .bank file dumper. This was a huge pain, but it does mean that all music is now dumped.

The complexity of the new dumping system may mean that I’ve made some mistakes so please let me know if you think its not dumping all the music from Game of Thrones or Minecraft. Also please be aware that dumping from these games requires a lot of space and takes a long time – the music is dumped as uncompressed wav’s and will take up at least 4GB of space. There are a few more things to watch out for, see the readme for more information.

Download it here.

[Edit] – I know the dumping for Game of Thrones and Minecraft is still a bit wonky – I think I’ve found an even better way of dumping from these games but it’ll take a few days to test.

[Edit 2] – Fixed in the latest version.

New website, toast-making function coming in future update

Apparently people browse the internet on phones and tablets now and Google is downranking sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Although this clashes with my nostalgic view of everyone using an Amiga 1200 and 33.6k modem I cant ignore Google rankings.

So here’s my new website; its responsive, mobile friendly and will probably make toast too if needed. Now that’s out of the way I’m going to get back to making software. I’ve been updating a number of my programs and will release new versions next week.