I released a game – Atoms

I’ve just released a game on the Google Play Store. Its a remake of a classic Amiga game by Tom Kuhn that I’ve always loved.

Atoms is a fun, turn-based multiplayer game based on explosions and chain reactions. You can read more about it on its page but of course I’d love you to install and try it.

I always told myself that if and when I made a game – the first one would be an Atoms remake. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and although its missing some elements (like a tutorial) it works well and keeps me and my friends entertained. Its written using Corona SDK which I like because its cross-platform, has lots of useful documentation and uses Lua – which I’ve enjoyed programming with.

Please download and give it a try!
Get it on Google Play

3 thoughts on “I released a game – Atoms”

  1. Awesome!
    But could you please offer a downloadable exe-file from your site or so? I kinda feel like it’s moralically unsound to give my email address to Google. If I could get your game despite that fact, I would be incredibly happy.

  2. “Moralically” isn’t a word.

    @bennyboy, he’s looking for the .apk file, which is like the Android equivalent of an .exe. I can’t seem to find one online, unfortunately.

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