Telltale Explorer

Version 1.3.3
By Bennyboy
Quick and Easy Software

A program that enables you to extract, view and convert resources from the games developed by Telltale Games. This includes games produced by others using the Telltale engine such as Skunkape Games’ Sam & Max Save the World.

For most games this includes the text, speech, music, scripts and images.

It has been designed for the pc versions of the games although it may work with those from other platforms.

New in this version

What do I need to use this?

Just the games themselves.

How to use it

Filtering the files:

Searching the files:

Browsing the files:

Extra hidden stuff:

There is a hidden button that can automatically extract a file and open it in a hex editor.
To enable this feature you need to make a TelltaleExplorer.ini file in the same place as the program. Inside it should look like this:

Hexeditor=C:\\Program Files\\BreakPoint Software\\Hex Workshop v6\\HWorks32.exe  

Obviously Hexeditor should point to the path of your chosen hex editor.

When the ini file is present the Send to Hex Ed button will appear. Files that are sent to the hex editor are first dumped to the temp folder. The program keeps track of what files it has saved here and when you open a new file or close the program it will delete them (though it obviously cant delete any files that are still open in the hex editor so close that first).

If you hold control and shift while pressing the Send to Hex Ed button it will send the file to the hex editor without decrypting it.

What games are supported?

All games released so far by Telltale and Skunkape Games. Thats:

Limitations and bugs



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Last updated 03/01/21