Return to Monkey Island so good it renames program

Thimbleweed Park Explorer now supports Return to Monkey Island and as such its been renamed to Dinky Explorer. The rationale behind this is that Dinky is the name of the engine running the 3 games it supports, Thimbleweed Park, Delores and ReMI. A huge amount of work has gone into supporting Return to Monkey Island … Read more

Monkey Island 2 Talkie Prototype

Mixnmojo has just released the fabled Monkey Island 2 talkie prototype. I delved into the game and its resource files and wrote the second page of this article about what I found. I also made a tool to open the monster.sou file and dump the speech from the game (its linked in the article). There … Read more

Monkey Island Explorer – Audio Fix

I’ve updated Monkey Island Explorer to fix a problem with the SFX sounds on Monkey Island 2. Many of them were not decoding correctly. Many thanks to ‘MadKraut’ on Twitter for letting me know about the issue. Download it here.

Escape From Monkey Island and Launcher programs – bugfixes

EMI Launcher

I’ve updated the EMI Launcher and Setup programs to fix two bugs. The resolution patch in the launcher now works correctly for the German version and an uninstall issue has been corrected in the setup. Many thanks to Stefan Mueller for finding and identifying fixes for the bugs.   Download EMI Setup here and EMI Launcher here.

Escape From Monkey Island Setup and Launcher programs updated

After a short delay of a mere 3 years I have finally kept my promise and updated my Escape From Monkey Island launcher and setup programs. For those that are unaware, the setup program is a replacement installer for Escape From Monkey Island. while the launcher is an improved version of the launcher program that LucasArts shipped … Read more

New program released – Monkey Island Music Extractor

The word on the street is that the new retail dvd release of Monkey Island 1+2 Special Edition includes the full high quality soundtrack. Regular visitors will know that my Monkey Island Explorer tool already lets you extract the music (and much more) from the games. However, the soundtrack in the retail version is stored … Read more

Monkey Island Music Extractor

A program that allows you to extract the music from the launcher.pak file that comes with the DVD (not download) release of Monkey Island 1 and 2 Special Edition.

Monkey Island Explorer Updated – Adds proper XBox support

It was recently pointed out to me that the last version of Monkey Island Explorer didn’t work correctly with the XBox versions of the games. The culprit was a tiny bug…that took an hour to find and fix. It’s now finally sorted and the XBox versions should work fine again. Download the new version here.

Monkey Island Image Converter – Bugfix

I’ve just uploaded a new version of the Monkey Island Image Converter. This release fixes a bug with non-square images, these were being converted incorrectly. Download it here.

Monkey Island Explorer – Updated Annotations

Thanks to the efforts of Scott Talley, Monkey Island Explorer has been updated again. This time the program hasn’t been updated – but the annotations have. Scott’s been hard at work fixing and updating the annotations to work with the latest patch for MI2 SE. The annotations provide friendlier names for the music, commentary and … Read more

Monkey Island Explorer 0.4 – Adds Audio Dumping and Annotations

Monkey Island Explorer 0.4 is now available. This version adds support for playing and dumping the audio from both games (music, voice and sfx) and introduces annotation support (this allows for more descriptive filenames in the audio). Since this is the first non-beta release of the program I should describe what it does. As the … Read more

Monkey Island Explorer

An explorer tool for Monkey Island 1 Special Edition and Monkey Island 2 Special Edition.
It allows you to browse and save text, images, sound and music.

A new tool – Monkey Island Image Converter

Its easy to view and edit the images in the Monkey Island Special Edition games using Monkey Island Explorer. But if you want to put the edited images back into the games you need to convert the images back into a format that the games understand. That’s why I’ve created the Monkey Island Image Converter. … Read more