8 thoughts on “Escape From Monkey Island and Launcher programs – bugfixes”

  1. Its not a case of ‘updating it for Windows 10’, the launcher and setup both work in win10. You are having a problem with the game itself – try setting monkey4.exe to compatibility mode.

  2. I am having problems in act one, and i cant figure it out, even after many attempts at starting a new save. I cant get the Gubernatorial Symbol from Elaine…

  3. Hey man! I’m playing EMI with your installer with my original CD ISOs on 1400 x 1050. It’s beautiful, but when I need to load a game, it crashes! Just tought you wanted to know.

  4. And, after the first save, on 1400 x 1050, every time I open the save windows again, it crashes!

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