Escape From Monkey Island and Launcher programs – bugfixes

I’ve updated the EMI Launcher and Setup programs to fix two bugs. The resolution patch in the launcher now works correctly for the German version and an uninstall issue has been corrected in the setup.

Many thanks to Stefan Mueller for finding and identifying fixes for the bugs.


Download EMI Setup here and EMI Launcher here.

8 thoughts on “Escape From Monkey Island and Launcher programs – bugfixes”

  1. Its not a case of ‘updating it for Windows 10’, the launcher and setup both work in win10. You are having a problem with the game itself – try setting monkey4.exe to compatibility mode.

  2. I am having problems in act one, and i cant figure it out, even after many attempts at starting a new save. I cant get the Gubernatorial Symbol from Elaine…

  3. Hey man! I’m playing EMI with your installer with my original CD ISOs on 1400 x 1050. It’s beautiful, but when I need to load a game, it crashes! Just tought you wanted to know.

  4. And, after the first save, on 1400 x 1050, every time I open the save windows again, it crashes!

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