Telltale and DoubleFine program updates

A big update today, I’m releasing new versions of 4 programs.

Double Fine Explorer adds support for the .isb files in Psychonauts so it can play all music/speech/sfx and fixes some minor issues with the main .pkg bundle. See the readme for more information.

Telltale Music Extractor, Telltale Speech Extractor and Telltale Explorer now all support The Walking Dead Definitive Series and the wonderful Sam & Max Save the World remaster. The latter has been subject to disingenuous manufactured outrage and bogus ‘censorship’ claims from weirdos. If you’re one of those people then don’t download my software.

Download the new versions on the software page.

2 thoughts on “Telltale and DoubleFine program updates”

  1. When Telltale Explorer will support for the ‘.bank’ files in ‘ttarch2’ files, like ‘105’ in

  2. The music from Game of Thrones and later games cant be played back using this program. Use Telltale Music Extractor instead if you want to listen to the music.

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