ScummVM ToolBox

Announcing a new program: ScummVM ToolBox.

The program expands upon a feature of the now defunct ScummVM Q+E – it provides a friendly, quick and easy frontend to the ScummVM command line tools. For those that dont know, these tools let you compress the audio and video files in many games, extract the datafiles from certain games and decompile scripts from SCUMM games, the Legend of Kyrandia and Broken Sword 2.

These extra tools dont have a gui and previously required much typing at the command prompt if you wanted to tweak the settings. Now though, you can just use the ScummVM ToolBox. It uses a simple wizard-style interface modelled on that used by Nero Express, downloads all the extra files needed, cleans up any temp files and replaces command line switches with a friendly interface. All you need to do is download the program and run it.

In truth this program isnt completely new, I released it on the ScummVM forums a few months ago. I havent really had the time or motivation to make any further changes so I’m releasing it as it is. There are some missing features, these are listed in the readme, if you would like to see these added you can always contact me and ask.

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