Quick And Easy Software – Four (and a bit) Years Old!

Firstly a big thank-you to everyone who’s donated through Paypal. I really appreciate your support. Quick and Easy Software is now more than 4 years old and from a test project I made to teach myself programming, its grown into the juggernaut* that you see today.

I’m continuing to work on existing and new programs; recently I’ve been able to deceipher a bit more of the Psychonauts PS2 resource file and have now located the speech and music files. In the past some people have expressed interest in translating some of my programs into other languages. If anyone’s still interested in this then let me know. Obviously you will need to be reasonably fluent in both English and your other language, but its not like the programs contain a great deal of text. I myself cant translate my programs, as they arent made up of French road directions or German numbers.

* I considered using the word behemoth instead, but that was a lie too far.