Telltale Music Extractor 1.4.6 – With Soundtrack Support

Telltale Music Extractor has been updated, adding in soundtrack support.

This feature enables certain games to be dumped as a soundtrack. Doing this brings many benefits: the tracks will have more descriptive names, will be tagged with artist/album/track information and will have album art.

The idea for soundtrack support came from the excellent Laserschwert and you can read about the development of the feature here. Thanks to his hard work, this release comes with soundtrack support for all episodes of Tales of Monkey island.

Soundtrack support is controlled through a simple ini file, so people can easily add soundtrack support for other games, see the readme or forum thead for more information about this. If you make a soundtrack ini file for a game please send it to me so I can include it in the next release of the program.

If you like this new feature, remember to thank Laserschwert – the idea was his and he’s done a brilliant job making the soundtrack files.

Download it here.

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