Telltale Music Extractor

Version 1.5.7
By Bennyboy
Quick and Easy Software

A program that enables you to rip the music from the games developed by Telltale Games. This includes games produced by others using the Telltale engine such as Skunkape Games’ Sam & Max Save the World.

New in this version

What do I need to use this?

Just the games themselves.

How to use it

  1. Click on the top folder icon and choose one of the games - the folder and correct music file will be found automatically. You can also click ‘open folder’ or ‘open file’ to choose yourself.

  2. Click on the bottom folder icon and choose a destination folder.

  3. Click Go.

  4. If soundtrack dumping is available for a game then a messagebox will ask you if you want to dump as a soundtrack. See below for an explanation of what this means.

What games are supported?

All games released so far by Telltale and Skunkape Games. Thats:

Soundtrack support

Some games are able to be dumped as ‘soundtracks’. This means that the music will be dumped as though it were a soundtrack cd, with better filenames and tracknames, tags in the dumped music and (optionally) album art.

Dumping as a soundtrack is optional and not available for every game. If its available then a messagebox will ask you if you want to dump the music as a soundtrack.

Creating soundtrack files

Soundtrack support is activated by creating an .ini file and putting it in the ‘Soundtracks’ folder. At the moment only OGG files are supported for soundtracks, although support for MP3 and WAV files could be added if requested.

The format is fairly straightforward and you can get an idea from looking at the included soundtracks but the following is a brief guide to the structure of a soundtrack ini file.

Each ini must have an [Info Header] section that will look something like this:

[Info Header]  
Title=Launch of the Screaming Narwhal  
Album=Tales Of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal  
Artist=Michael Land  
Coverart=Tales Of Monkey Island- Launch of the Screaming Narwhal.jpg  

UniqueFile 1, 2 and 3 are used to automatically identify the game that the ini corresponds to. These 3 entries should be filenames that are unique and only appear together in that game.

Album, artist, year and genre are used to create the audio tags in the dumped files. Coverart is optional but should refer to the name of a coverart image in the ‘Soundtracks’ folder.

The rest of the entries will look something like this:

Title=Monkey Island Theme  

The text between [] should be the original filename of the track.

If there are tracks that need to be merged then they need to look like this:

Title=Flotsam Jungle  

The “File” entries are the original filenames of the tracks that need to be merged. So this example would merge the “jungle” track with the other 10 jungle files listed to make one track called “Flotsam Jungle”.

Certain characters arent allowed in Windows filenames (/\:*?"|) so these are removed from filenames when dumping. They are included in the ID3/comment tags though.

There are two exceptions to this:

The forward slash character /

If this is used then it becomes - in filenames.
Eg Title=Guybrush/Elaine Theme would become Guybrush-Elaine Theme.ogg

The colon character :

If this is used then it becomes - in filenames.
Eg Title=Chapter One : The Start would become Chapter One - The Start.ogg

Limitations and bugs

Originally each episode of a game stored its resources in separate folders. However more recent games store the resources for all episodes in the same folder. All games from The Wolf Among Us onwards do this. If you manually choose the game folder by clicking ‘open folder’ then the program cant know which episode you want.
To fix this either choose the specific episode from the menu or choose open file and select the individual file that you want to extract the music from.

The tool only rips music. If you want to rip speech then download Telltale Speech Extractor from my website.

Soundtrack files: At the moment only OGG files are supported for the soundtracks feature, although support for MP3 and WAV files could be added if requested.


Available from my Github.



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Last updated 12/12/21