Telltale Music Extractor 1.4.0 (Now supports Tales Of Monkey Island)

Telltale Music Extractor has been updated.

It now supports all currently available Telltale games.

This version adds support for Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1, Wallace and Gromit Episodes 1-3 and Strongbad Episode 5.? It also fixes an issue with filenames when extracting; all saved music now has the correct filename rather than “trackxx” as was previously the case with the Strongbad games. See the readme for more information.

Many thanks to Luigi Auriemma for his work on the V7 ttarch format and his updated blowfish code. TMI support would not have been possible without his work.

[Edit] Version 1.4.1 has now been released, adding support for Wallace and Gromit Episode 4 – The Bogey Man.

Download it here.

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