Help wanted

This site is now over 7 years old and its once-snazzy design is getting a bit dated. Its probably about time this page displayed correctly in Internet Explorer too.

In short – I’m looking for a new design for this site.? I could do it myself, but the internet wouldn’t thank me when I produced a design that burned everyone’s eyes off. That means I’m looking for help.

I need someone willing to update my existing WordPress theme or even to discard it and produce a new design. I dont have many requirements – you’d have pretty much free reign to do what you liked.

Experience has taught me to be pessimistic with requests like this, but its worth a try. Help me out – you know you want to.

Contact me.

4 thoughts on “Help wanted”

  1. In another 7 years the site will again be the “Latest”. Keep your index as is, if you have to, change a few colors on other pages. Good Luck.

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