Telltale Explorer Returns

The summary.

After 5 years I’m releasing a new version of Telltale Explorer. During that time I’ve continued to develop the program and have used it as a development tool and template for my other programs.

It’s completely different to the last public release – the interface has changed, many more games are supported and it can now extract/view/convert all the common resources types (text, images, speech, music). If you are looking to dump music or voices you should still use the Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor programs as they are specialised for the job.

There are some important caveats to this version that you can read about below.

Why have I released this now?

This is the first public release of Telltale Explorer since 2006 – 5 years ago. During that time I didn’t release any new versions as it was suggested that having a program like this floating around would harm Telltale. Since then though, other people have released programs that open, extract, translate and even recompile ttarch files (telltale archives). The rationale for not releasing this program therefore has gone.

I still have no wish to cause Telltale any inconvenience or problems though – so there are some safeguards written into this program.

  1. It only supports games that are at least a year old. This is to help prevent any possible complaints by Telltale’s licence partners and to stop people poking inside the datafiles of ongoing episodes and spoiling game-based competitions like the TMI one.
  2. Game launcher ttarch files cant be opened and any launcher files (html/css) inside regular ttarch’s are hidden. These files are only used for the launcher program and there’s no reason for anyone to mess with these. They don’t affect the games at all.

Where can I get it?

Download it here.

Telltale Explorer

5 thoughts on “Telltale Explorer Returns”

  1. Whenever I try to view most images, I get the error that the DDS Decode failed, and where the image should be, all I see is a black square. Am I the only one experiencing this?

  2. I only have Strong Bad’s Cool Game 4 Attractive People and the first two Sam & Max seasons selectable in the program, but the only images I’ve succcessfully gotten to work are the font files and the numbered images (1-9, I think) you can find in Strong Bad’s Cool Game.

    So most of the images just show up as a black square for me.

  3. Downloaded episodes or retail dvd? Also I’m assuming these are the pc versions?

    If they are the episodes direct from Telltale I suggest you download them again – the games were updated to use the newer resource file format. I no longer have the original releases of the games (only the newer versions can be downloaded from Telltale now) so the newer versions are the only ones they are tested on.

    Just checked and S+M 1+2 and Strongbad all work fine here.

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