DoubleFine Explorer and Telltale Music Extractor Updated

I’ve updated DoubleFine Explorer to add support for Broken Age. Music, images, text and scripts are viewable and dumpable.

I’ve also updated Telltale Music Extractor to add support for The Walking Dead 400 Days, The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 and The Wolf Among Us Episode Two. I’ve cleaned and reworked the source code a bit in this version (the program is 8 years old) so please let me know if I broke anything. In addition, I’ve added support for the remainder of the episodes of The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us. Assuming that the file format and naming convention remain the same – new episodes should work without me needing to update the program

Download them here.

3 thoughts on “DoubleFine Explorer and Telltale Music Extractor Updated”

  1. Brilliant! Looking forward to gettin’ the assets from the Wolf Among Us when I get around to it.

    Although it is odd that the Music Extractor can only pull 56 files from TWD S2 Ep1, even after this update. Maybe when the full season’s out, the content within will be fully accessible as it is for Season 1. Strange all the same.

    Nonetheless, brilliant stuff!

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