Music Extractor Bugfix and Speech Extractor Update

There was a bug with the last release of the Telltale Music Extractor. With The Walking Dead 201 it dumped the music from the menu instead of the episode. This is now fixed in the latest version.

I’m also releasing an update to the Telltale Speech Extractor. This new version adds support for The Walking Dead 400 Days, The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 and The Wolf Among Us Episode Two.

Download them here.

11 thoughts on “Music Extractor Bugfix and Speech Extractor Update”

  1. That new version tho, you are the best, I don’t know who you are but I greatly appreciate your work,. I got a job interview at sixflags Monday. I might give you the first whole paycheck and I haven’t worked in years lol.

  2. Quick question, how do we open the Wolf Among us Files? They don’t have the same folders like The Walking Dead, theres really nothing in there. But I really would like those files, can you please tell me how to get them?

  3. In the music extractor or speech extractor open them the same way you would any other game. If they cant be auto detected (I only have the steam version of wolf among us so thats the only version that gets auto detected) then do choose open folder and select the folder with the ttarch files in.

  4. I try to open the folder manually like you suggested but the extractor still dosent detect it. I noticed that it works fine with the Walking dead when choosing the folder manually because the files with the ttarch files are in folders called ”Episode one and Episode 2 ect. But The Wolf Among us has no such folders. I think Tell Tale have made thease two games differently.

  5. I used the new speech extractor, It worked fine with the Walking Dead (Non Steam version) but it cant locate the ttarch files in the Wolf Among Us either episode one or two (Non Steam version) Fuck do I have to get the Steam version? ;(

  6. I just tried opening it manually and it doesnt work. I can have a go at fixing the auto-detection but its difficult with all the bundles being in the same folder.

    It’d be much easier if I knew the registry key that comes with the telltale version. That would let you open it by choosing it from the menu.

    For example the Walking Dead season 1 reg key was:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Telltale Games\WalkingDead101.exe

  7. Oh my god dude It freakin works! There are are gona be some brilliant mods made from this. Your nothing short of a genius, this extractor Is so extreamly helpful. I will credit you for your work. Thanks again Benny!

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