USB Disk Eject 1.2 Beta 3 – Please Test

Amazingly I’ve managed to keep to a schedule and as promised I’m releasing Beta 3 of USB Disk Ejector.

[Edit] Beta 4 is now released – see here.

Please read this first:

This beta is purely about testing the new ejection/detection code. Ejection should be faster than old versions, folder mountpoints are supported and access violations related to ejection should be gone.

Please note that card reader support is disabled in this version. Ejecting a card reader will eject the device not the card in this beta. I’ve done this so that the ejection code can be tested in isolation, without any errors related to card polling/card ejection confusing things.

It should work with all versions of Windows from 2000 to Windows 7. I’ve had to use a bit of a workaround to get it running in Win2000 so feedback from Windows 2000 users would be especially helpful.

Please test this release and report your experiences in the comments below. It would be especially useful if you could say what version of Windows you are running.

[Edit] Beta 4 is now released – see here.

14 thoughts on “USB Disk Eject 1.2 Beta 3 – Please Test”

  1. hi. i found one strange bug in beta3 version which was absent in beta2 (i was using beta2 for a long time on many machines)…

    so i have no usb drives attached and start beta2
    but when i start beta3

    its evident that usb card-reader with empty slots is detected but this is not very useful…
    by the way to make windows ignore this i use usbdlm driver.

    operating system: windows xp pro sp3

  2. Alexsupra:
    Thanks for testing it!
    Those card reader devices will indeed appear in this version as special handling for card readers is disabled. Really though they should have appeared in beta 2, this (hopefully) indicates that the new detection code is more robust.

    Please let me know if there are any errors when inserting/ejecting other usb drives.

  3. Been using the early version of this for a while and just down loaded the Beta3. WOW what an improvement, I like the new features. Keep up the good work seems to have come a long way and thankfully hasn;t grown into an un-usable monster like so many other apps and utilites do

  4. Thanx very much for your work.

    When I use an usb-drive with no drive-letter (e.g. truecrypt-drive) the device is not listed. Can you please add support for those drives?

  5. Zo:
    As a Truecrypt device isn’t seen as a physical usb device by Windows it wont be listed. This is by design.
    Its possibly something I could look into in the future, but at the moment it isnt a priority πŸ™‚

  6. What a pity! I do have so many drives with TC and I’m sure there are so many other people outside using TC on their sticks and HDs. πŸ™
    Anyway, I hope it will be in the nearest future…

  7. Mattia: Thanks for trying it. Command line options aren’t working in this version. I’ve fixed them in my local code and they should be working in the next beta.

  8. Running Windows XP Professional. With a sandisk cruzer drive. Worked fine. After my annual reformat due in a few hours, I’ll test all my other pen drives, I’ve got about 10-15, new ones, old ones, etc.

    Worked fine, once I figured out how to run it. πŸ™‚

    I was thinking it was failing, kept on using command line options. Never worked, obviously.

    If you release another version without command line support, or any other type of support, you need to put a popup that says that feature isn’t supported yet. πŸ˜€ I was thinking it was totally messed up…..

    Please release version for command line!

    To the previous poster for TC support, TC already has this support in their traveler version, with command line support. I know it’s not the same, but it will take care of the TC mounted volume.


  9. Knight – Thanks for testing it – thats a good point about the popup. The main aim of this beta really was just to check that the new ejection code works correctly, I wasn’t really thinking about anything else.

    I’ve made many fixes/changes since this beta was released and I’m hoping to release the next beta soon.

  10. I try USB Disk Ejector for my thinkpad r61 and w7 x64, It’s easy use and simple. but seem can’t look ultrybay. So maybe you can do this, Add support ultrybay. Sorry about this, I send mail by contact but it’s founction fail.

  11. Nice, with this Beta3 version, the window shows all the devices. And, what is more, there are options allowing to eject devices through hotkeys, very useful. Thanks

  12. Yeh, Hot key founction is my favorite. I test beta4 in thinkpad R51 and R61, But still can’t look for ultrabay, I tkink ultrybay is IDE or SATA device,not USB.

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