Telltale Speech Extractor 1.3

Two years after the last version I’m finally releasing a new Telltale Speech Extractor.

Version 1.3 has had the backend completely re-written and there have been many changes. See the readme for the full list, but here are the most important ones:

  • It now supports all currently available Telltale Games and supports every version of every game right back to the original versions released in 2005.
  • Every known bug has been fixed – so all speech should dump perfectly and glitch-free.
  • There are full annotations for every game – so you can quickly find the particular line of speech that you want.

Download it here.

[Edit] As with Telltale Music Extractor the program includes a file called ‘libtag.dll’ – some antivirus programs have detected this as a virus in the past. This is a false positive, you can use the program safe in the knowledge that it is virus-free.

2 thoughts on “Telltale Speech Extractor 1.3”

  1. hey bgbennyboy can you add the sam and max season 2 dvd directories in the extractor? the directory is C:\Program Files\Atari\Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space\Episode 20X -[title of the episode]\Pack\Localized\English

  2. Thanks for the info. I’m adding it to the music extractor and I’ll add it to the speech extractor next time I update it.

    However – I need more information than you’ve given me. I would much rather get the path from the registry than from a hardcoded location so if you want this adding please tell me where to find the “Install Location” key and tell me what it points to. Use my contact form, send me this info and I’ll send you back a build with this in so you can test that it works.

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