A blast from the past – EMI Background Viewer

It was recently brought to my attention that EMI Background Viewer didn’t work correctly on Vista or Windows 7 – the images weren’t displayed.

Its one of the least popular programs on this site so that’s probably why the bug went undetected for so long. For those unfamiliar with the program it does exactly as you would expect and enables you to view and save the room backgrounds from Monkey Island 4. It supports the PC and PS2 versions and has a “debug mode” to let you see the masking information in the backgrounds.

Its one of my oldest programs and was last updated in 2004. It was used to extract the EMI concept art from the PS2 version and to find the “Randy sucks” easter egg (turn on debug mode and its in one of the SCUMM Bar images).

I’ve now given it a facelift, a speed-up, fixed the bugs and made it even easier to use. See the readme for the full list of changes.

Download it here.

EMI Background Viewer