EMI Background Viewer
By Bgbennyboy
Version 1.2

New in this version:

What is EMI Background Viewer ?:
A program that enables you to view and save the room backgrounds from Monkey Island 4 (Escape From Monkey Island). It works with the backgrounds from both the PC and PS2 version of EMI.

What do I need to use this?:
Either the PC or PS2 version of the game. Both the retail and demo versions are supported.

How to use it:

The "debug" button:
Clicking this shows the extra information included in the .til images. Note that any images you save will contain all the extra debug graphics while this is turned on.

The debug stuff wont be of much interest to most people. About the only thing of note is the "Randy sucks" easter egg in the debug graphics for one of the Scumm Bar images. As far as I know the extra graphics are masking data, I dont know the format of it yet. Also the viewer only shows 6 tiles at once (each image is made up of a number of tiles), so if the image is made up of more than that then the remaining bit will be drawn offscreen, stuff in a 7th tile is only ever debug stuff anyway so this isnt really an issue.

For those experimenting with EMI hacking, creating their own resource and .til files - the viewer will view both g-zipped and non-g-zipped tiles in either the PC or PS2 formats. It doesnt check the content of files though, only those files that have a .til extension within the resource file are listed.

Credits and thanks:

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bgbennyboy 07/08/10