Telltale Music Extractor Now Supports Tales from the Borderlands

I’ve added support for Tales from the Borderlands episode 1 to Telltale Music Extractor. I’ve also added skeleton support for the remaining episodes – assuming that the file format and naming convention remain the same – new episodes should work without me needing to update the program.

Since I only have the Steam edition of Tales from the Borderlands the game dir wont be auto-detected if you have the Telltale version. If someone does have this version then please contact me. If you send me the registry keys that the game uses I can add auto-detection for this version too.

Download it here.

2 thoughts on “Telltale Music Extractor Now Supports Tales from the Borderlands”

  1. Thanks very much!

    As someone with a Steam copy, I can tell you it’s working beautifully, and I’m loving the redesign of it too (Would you call it the User Interface?).

    It’s also helping exceptionally with my Borderlands SFX roundup, since Telltale has got a ton of Gearbox’s sound assets as reference.

    And another note, I’ve found the most suspicious audio file I’ve ever found in any game’s audio files I’ve explored and/or extracted:


    The sound effect in question is also used for Modern Warfare 2’s Barrett 50. Cal. I hope Telltale and/or Gearbox has the license to use that, otherwise that could be a legally unsound mistake or audio acquisition by either/both’s audio teams

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