Telltale Music Extractor and Speech Extractor – both updated

I’ve just released new versions of the Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor. In both tools, support has been added for Sam and Max Season 2 and Strong Bad games.

The speech extractor has had a number of bugfixes: its decoding problems are now fixed, so all voices should sound just as they do ingame, annotations have been added for all games and the annotations for Sam and Max Season 1 and CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder are now 100% complete. Many thanks to Aeon for completing the Sam and Max annotations.

[Edit – Telltale Music Extractor has been updated again to fix a problem with the music in Sam and Max: Whats New Beelzebub. Please download the new version if you are having problems]

Get them here:

Telltale Music Extractor

Telltale Speech Extractor

Telltale Music Extractor

Telltale Speech Extractor

6 thoughts on “Telltale Music Extractor and Speech Extractor – both updated”

  1. The music extractor works but tracks from S2 Episode 5 or Strong Bad are “unknown format” for the VLC Media Player and Audacity. I think they’re marked as “.ogg”, but they’re not?

  2. You’re right, after checking, it looks like the header size for Whats New Beelzebub is calculated wrongly. I’ll upload a new fixed version this weekend.

    Strongbad music dumps and plays back fine though. There are a few tiny ogg files that are sfx (8kb big) that don’t play. I’ve checked and these are dumped correctly as far as I can tell, they may just be unused in game.

  3. The speech in Strongbad is mostly in Ogg format.
    The program doesnt have inbuilt support for playing back/converting to ogg, but it can dump the files.
    If you save a file/save all files as wav – then the speech will be dumped correctly as ogg files.

    Native ogg support isn’t in the program because speech was never in ogg format before. If I ever do another release then I’ll fix this.

  4. The speech extractor just shutdowns immediately when I click open…

    Maybe are the visual effects >_<
    Could you make a version without those effects? (if have, it keep crashing)

    Win7 64bits

  5. I’m running windows7 64 and it works fine here. I’m not sure what you mean about visual effects. You don’t say what version you’re using either.

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