New – Telltale LangDB Editor

Telltale LangDB Editor – a tool to to edit LangDB (language database) files. It currently supports Telltale Texas Hold’em and CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder.

LangDB files contain the subtitle/dialog text used in the games. Changes can be made with this tool and then injected back into the game with the Ttarch Creator.

Telltale LangDB Editor

Get it here.

10 thoughts on “New – Telltale LangDB Editor”

  1. Hello. i want to translate CSI: Fatal Conspiracy to bulgarian language. I found a key to extract a subs from file but I can’t edit it. I switch a text with hex-editor but obviously has a some code for text (subs I mean). Could you make an update to Telltale LangDB Editor because can’t do the translation or tell me how. i mean a method to edit the file. Thanks in advace.

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