Telltale Updates Older Games

As you may know by now, Telltale have updated their older games. Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race have been updated to the newest version of the Telltale engine. It looks like Texas Holdem will soon be updated too.

Unfortunately, they’ve also updated the resource files used by the games – these are all now encrypted. The end result of this is that Telltale Explorer cant handle the new resource files. CSI will still work, as will the old versions of the games, but the new updated ones wont. I’m trying to fix this, but its very difficult, since the new resource files are heavily obscured and encrypted. In the meantime, people can keep an eye on the SCUMM hacking forums to see what progress is being made.

Happily, there’s also good news. Music can still be extracted using the Telltale Music Extractor, and the tool also works with the new Telltale game – Sam and Max: Culture Shock (which you should all be buying).

3 thoughts on “Telltale Updates Older Games”

  1. Does the LangDB Editor work with S&M: Culture Shock?

    And thanks for your work during all those years, your software has proven useful more than once 🙂

  2. At the moment it doesnt no. All the newer versions of the Telltale games have an encrypted ttarch (the main resource file) and the files within that are also encrypted. So to add support for the newer games to the langdb editor I’d have to:

    1) Add support to telltale explorer to decrypt the ttarch and decrypt the individual files so that the langdb file could be dumped
    2) Update the langdb editor to support S+M and to re-encrypt the langdb file.
    3) Update the ttarch creator to support encrypting the ttarch, so that the files could be put back in the game.

    Step 1 is almost complete, thanks to John_Doe, he’s done amazing work figuring out the encryption. Steps 2 and 3 are now theoretically possible, but would involve a lot of work and I’m not really sure that it’d be worth the effort for such a niche tool.

  3. please, don’t stop the work of the langdb for S&M.

    I wanna make a spanish translation of the game. It’s a great game, and i wanna be sure that all the spanish players understand all the jokes humor and eastern eggs, so please, pleaseeeee

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