New program – DoubleFine Explorer

Recently someone asked me to make a quick file extractor for the excellent game The Cave. I thought it’d be fairly easy but….it wasn’t. I eventually got it working, made a few tweaks to add support for other Double Fine games that use the same engine and when Brutal Legend was unexpectedly released for pc – I found it worked for that too. A few people have requested the program, so I’ve given it the necessary polish and today sees the first release of DoubleFine Explorer.

It works in much the same way as my other explorer tools and enables you to extract, view and convert resources from all games by Double Fine that use the Buddah engine (that’s all games released since Psychonauts). Images, music, scripts, csv data and text are all viewable and dumpable.

It works with Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, The Cave and Brutal Legend.

Download it here.

5 thoughts on “New program – DoubleFine Explorer”

  1. Well.. I tried to edit the cave_enus in rgb stuff.. And well, I am trying to translate to PT-BR, and I get to open and extract, but how to put again in game?
    Thank you a lot..

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