More Google Code Releases

I’ve now created Google Code pages and uploaded the source for more of my programs:

Escape From Monkey Island Setup and Launcher

Curse of Monkey Island Setup and Launcher

Grim Fandango Setup and Launcher

Two things became clear during this process: one – I should have done this years ago, its a lot simpler than I thought, and two – I write some really bad code. Some of it was from 2002, a time when just getting a program to compile was my big achievement.

I’ve done my best to clean it up and in doing so I’ve moved all string constants into a separate unit – this should make it much easier for people to make translations. Anyone looking to update the installers can look at Hoanzl’s work for ideas.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any queries. If anyone has any patches or changes they want to merge into any of the repositories, just let me know and I’ll either do it myself or add you as a project member.

5 thoughts on “More Google Code Releases”

  1. Thanks a lot.I’m having lots of problems with a few games.if you could help me with phantasmagoria and phantasmagoria 2 i will apreciate a lot 🙂

  2. guys, I’m using the new EMI launcher, but I couldn’t play in any other resolutions except 640×480 (snif…) is this happening with other users as well?

  3. i tried the downloaded game from torrent and the thing hungs-up every time manny interacts with anything in the environment. i’m using launcher 1.3.1 with win7 installed at 64bit.

    can you give me an idea on how to solve this?

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