Grim Fandango Setup and Launcher programs also updated

Yesterday I released updated versions of my Escape From Monkey Island setup program and launcher. Today I’m doing the same for my Grim Fandango equivalents.

Changes to the setup program:

  • Changed the cd detection code to fix the problem that some people had when it couldn’t search through all their drives and find the cd.

Changes to the launcher program:

  • Added option to use sounds in the launcher – just like the original game launcher does. Its enabled by default.
  • Added keyboard navigation to launcher.
  • Fixed debug keys form displaying incorrectly on some high res systems.
  • Added a few fixes to make the launcher work correctly in Windows 8.
  • Fixed launcher position on multi-monitor systems. Now appears in current screen center.

Download Grim Fandango Setup here and Grim Fandango Launcher here.

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