4 thoughts on “Telltale Speech Extractor Bugfix”

  1. Please help. Everytime I click something it says “No speech files found in the specified folder!” I have tried everything, it’s in the annotations folder but it just won’t work. I’ve tried extracting the annotations to the main folder, didn’t work either, I put it at my desktop, and that didn’t work. Please hmu asap.

  2. I clicked the Open folder, The Walking Dead, The Final Season. And it didn’t work, then I tried some other games like Sam & Max, those wouldn’t work either.

  3. From the readme:
    Originally each episode of a game stored its resources in separate folders. However most newer games store the resources for all episodes in the same folder. The Walking Dead Season 2 and all games released since do this. If you manually choose the game folder by clicking ‘open folder’ then the program cant know which episode you want. To fix – either choose the specific episode from the menu or choose ‘open file’ and select the individual file that you want to extract speech from..

    So choose ‘open file’ and select the voice .ttarch file for the episode you want. They are usually in the ‘archives’ folder.

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