Psychonauts Explorer

Current Version: 1.3

A program to extract, view and convert resources from the excellent game Psychonauts.

Some of the things that you can do with the latest version of Psychonauts Explorer:

  • Open and dump files from all Psychonauts archives.
  • Display a preview of (dds) images.
  • Save images as JPEG, BMP, PNG or DDS.
  • Resize and apply a resampling filter to images.
  • Extract and save music and speech as wav and ogg files.
  • Work with the PC, XBox and PS2 versions of Psychonauts.
  • View the contents of many other Psychonauts files.

Update – this program is designed for the original version of Psychonauts. The re-released versions on GOG and Steam changed the file formats so some files (like the level .ppf files) wont work. I’ve added partial support for the re-release to Doublefine Explorer.

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