Psychonauts Explorer

If you’re working with the newer re-release of Psychonauts you should use Doublefine Explorer instead. Its newer and better than this.

This program is designed for the original pc version of Psychonauts along with the Xbox and PS2 versions. The re-released pc version on GOG and Steam changed the file formats so some files (like the level .ppf files) wont work with this. 

Current Version: 1.3

A program to extract, view and convert resources from the excellent game Psychonauts.

Some of the things that you can do with the latest version of Psychonauts Explorer:

  • Open and dump files from all Psychonauts archives.
  • Display a preview of (dds) images.
  • Save images as JPEG, BMP, PNG or DDS.
  • Resize and apply a resampling filter to images.
  • Extract and save music and speech as wav and ogg files.
  • Work with the PC, XBox and PS2 versions of Psychonauts.
  • View the contents of many other Psychonauts files.

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