Psychonauts Explorer 1.3

After a long hiatus I’ve updated Psychonauts Explorer. Besides a range of tweaks and fixes the main feature of this release is better image/texture support. Images can now be saved as DDS files, saving is quicker and those images that previously had ‘jaggies’ are now drawn correctly.

New in version 1.3:


  • As requested, images can now be saved as DDS files
  • Added ‘Save all text’ function
  • Changed:

  • Icons have been replaced with 32 bit icons. These will look much better on XP and Vista, but may look worse on earlier versions of Windows. This release has only been tested with XP
  • Saving individual images is now quicker
  • Image resizing/resampling has been updated. It should now give better results
  • Fixes:

  • Fixed a small memory leak
  • Fixed a glitch with file extensions when saving files
  • Fixed errors when opening an empty archive (cabhmusic.isb)
  • Fixed ‘jaggies’ problem that affected some images

Psychonauts Explorer

Download the new version here.

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  1. Thanks 🙂
    I did actually make an audio dumper for Vanguard when it was still in beta. Someone asked me to make one, so I knocked one together quickly based on what he told me about the files, you can still download it here. I’ve no idea if it works though.

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