New Tool – Telltale Music Extractor

Some of you may remember the Bone Music Extractor tool. I’ve now replaced this with the Telltale Music Extractor.

It enables you to rip the music from all 4 Telltale Games (Telltale Texas Hold’em, Bone: Out From Boneville, CSI-3 Dimensions of Murder, Bone: The Great Cow Race).

Download it here.

Keep checking the site, I’ll be releasing another Telltale-related tool later in the week.

4 thoughts on “New Tool – Telltale Music Extractor”

  1. Patience! Its only been out a day! Also this is an ancient post, if you looked in the readme or the newer posts you’d see that the game isnt listed as supported 🙂

    (I’ll release an update in an hour or so)

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