USB Disk Ejector 1.3 Released!

After 3 years and 6 beta versions I’m finally releasing a new stable version of USB Disk Ejector.

I cant begin to put a number on how many hours I’ve spent working on this. Its now a much more comprehensive program than the old version – there are tons of new features and its much more flexible and configurable.

Please see the readme for the full list of changes and make sure you read the “Upgrading From Previous Versions” section.

Some of the most important changes are:

  • Full card reader and memory card support. You can now eject media, show/hide card readers, hide empty card readers and even define drives as card readers.
  • Mountpoint support. All detection and ejecting is done using mountpoints rather than drive letters, this means that drives mounted in a folder like this are supported.
  • Options window added – options can now be easily set and saved. There are now many settings that can be configured and customised.
  • Much better notifications:
    • Uses balloon hints in the taskbar for notifications instead of a messagebox
    • Much better detection and explanation of the reasons for a failed eject
    • Now notifies (via a balloon hint) when an eject is successful
  • Support for Firewire disks.
  • Big changes to drive detection and ejection code – stops the freezing that could sometimes happen with the old version when trying to eject some types of drive.


Huge thanks to all the people who’ve tested it and suggested features. Please spread the word about this new version.

Download it here.