ScummVM Quick And Easy

Current Version: 1.4.0

This program has been discontinued. Use the inbuild ScummVM GUI instead.

ScummVM Quick & Easy is a frontend for ScummVM. Designed to be simple to use, yet powerful, it has many useful features including:

  • Auto-update – Automatically downloads and installs either the newest ScummVM daily build or the newest stable build.
  • Schedule updates – Creates a windows scheduled task, and at the specified date/time Q+E silently downloads and installs the latest daily build of ScummVM.
  • Extra Tools – Also acts as a frontend to many of the extra ScummVM tools, so you can compress various datafiles without resorting to the command line.
  • Straightforward interface – All the various options are easily accessible on the main screen. Many people prefer Q+E’s look to that of the ScummVM inbuilt launcher.
  • Extremely configurable – Almost every aspect of the program can be tweaked or changed.
  • Regulary updated – Q+E has been around for more then 2 years and has been continually updated to support the latest changes to ScummVM.

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