SCUMM Revisited

What is it?

The most famous and comprehensive SCUMM tool. It allows you to explore the datafiles of every Lucasarts SCUMM game along with non-SCUMM games such as Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island, Phantom Menace and Dark Forces.

It allows you to view images, backgrounds, costumes, plays music and audio, decompiles game scripts and much more. All these years later it remains the biggest and best SCUMM tool.

Created by

Jimmi Thøgersen (Serge)

Different versions

There’s been three major public releases of SCUMM Revisited 2, 3 and 5. For most people SCUMM Rev 2 will be the version you want to use, 3 and 5 were both unfinished and dont contain all the features that 2 does. However there are circumstances where you might want to use one of the later versions – v3 has better support for Escape From Monkey Island for example.

I’ve also edited the downloads to include the annotations that SCUMM Rev uses to identify resources in different games.

Download SCUMM Revisited 2 here
Download SCUMM Revisited 3 here
Download SCUMM Revisited 5 here