SCUMM Info Extractor

Current Version: 1.0

A program that extracts version information from SCUMM interpreters and scripts. It runs the DOS and Windows interpreters, extracting the version information and parses the game scripts to extract the version info from there. It produces a list of all the games together with the version information that can then be exported to a spreadsheet.

For the interpreters only the Dos and Windows versions are parsed but for the game scripts its platform-agnostic. Its been tested with Amiga, Atari, FM-Towns and Mac games.

It’ll try and parse all .exe files that it finds so any that aren’t SCUMM interpreters or don’t produce an output will be highlighted in red. The ‘hide invalid items’ will let you remove these entries.

Click ‘parse interpreters’, point it to a folder and it’ll search all subfolders for SCUMM games. Once its done, do the same with the ‘scan scripts’ button. For more about how it works, see my Github.

Download it hereSource code