McConnell Music from Super Bombad Racing

Super Bombad Racer was a Star Wars racing game released for the PS2. Normally I couldn’t care less about a Star Wars game, let alone a Star Wars racing game; but a few years ago Jake mentioned that the music is by Peter McConnell and is really good. He was absolutely right, the music sounds like Day of the Tentacle meets Star Wars and is well worth a listen.

The music for the game is contained within a file called ‘MUSICPS2.DAT’ and the audio within is in PS2 VAG format. It is possible to rip the music using a general PS2 ripper tool but that wont give the correct track names and it’ll produce different files for the left and right channels.

So to solve this I made a quick tool – Super Bombad Racing Music Extractor. It dumps the music as wav files, with the correct track names and the left and right channels interleaved together.

Download it here.