Psychonauts Saved Game Editor
By Bgbennyboy
Version 1.1

New in this version:

Read this first:
This program does not make backups of your saved games. It is possible to break your saved games using this tool. Therefore it is highly recommended that you backup your saved games before making any changes.
To do this, make copies of the files in "C:\Program Files\Double Fine Productions\Psychonauts\Profiles".

How to use it:

  1. Click 'Open', and select a Psychonauts saved game.
  2. Click on items in the treeview - their value is then displayed in the 'Value' box.
  3. Change the value to whatever you like and this will take effect in the game.
  4. You can also click on 'Common Tasks' to enable you to quickly change things such as the number of lives.
  5. The file name can be changed by editing the displayed name.
  6. The level can be changed by simply choosing a different level from the drop-down box.
  7. Click the Save button to save changes.

You can add tasks to the 'Common Tasks' list by editing the .ini file.
A sample entry is shown below:

Description=Change the number of lives

The 'ItemName' key holds the name of the item to be changed.
The 'Description' key contains the text that will appear in the Common Tasks box.
If you add you own tasks, consider sending me your .ini file so that I can add them to the next version of the program.

Credits and thanks to:
Bosam for sending me his list of common tasks.

Disk and save icons by glyFX.

Sphere icons from the microGant set by Mahttahan.

Tobi Lukefisher for sending me his list of common tasks.

Contact me.

All my software is completely free. If you find this program useful please consider making a donation. This can be done on my website.

bgbennyboy 13/10/07