Monkey Island Image Converter
By Bgbennyboy
Version 1.1

New in this version (1.1):

What is Monkey Island Image Converter?:
A program that allows you to convert .DDS images back into the .DXT format used in Monkey Island 1 Special Edition and Monkey Island 2 Special Edition.

How to use it:

Other handy information:
Both games will accept files that are not in the main .pak resource file.

Eg: If you wanted the game to accept a modified version of "ui/titlescreen/en-mi_startscreen_final_chunk_0_0.dxt"
You would first make an "ui" folder inside the game folder, then a "titlescreen" folder, then you'd put the "en-mi_startscreen_final_chunk_0_0.dxt" file inside it. The game would then use this file instead of the one thats inside the .pak resource file.

Jimmi Thogersen (Serge`) for infomation on the DXT file format.

Contact me.

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bgbennyboy 17/07/10