Escape From Monkey Island Launcher
By Bennyboy
Version 1.8

New in this version (1.8):

What is Escape From Monkey Island Launcher ?:
A replacement launcher program for Escape From Monkey Island (Monkey Island 4).
The original launcher program doesn't work on modern versions of Windows.
It also has features not present in the original launcher:

The program does not need to be installed and can be run from anywhere since it reads the registry values in order to find the location of EMI. So Escape From Monkey Island must be installed for the launcher to work correctly.

How to use it:
Usage should be fairly self-explanatory:

Click 'Options' to bring up the options menu.

The no cd patch doesn't work with the Italian version. For some reason this version of the game has different copy protection to the others.

There are known issues with the resolution patch.:

Credits and thanks to:
Jeunealbert - who created the resolution initial patch and continued to perfect it. The resolution patching in this launcher is based on his findings.

Launcher icon uses the EMI icon created by Thanius.

Readme, tick, cross and update icons from the Buff set by Mahttahan.

Gannet - who provided the higher resolution windowed mode fix and the cutscene size doubling fix.

Salty Horse - helped with extracting the resources from the EMI patches. He is a legend.

Contact me.

All my software is completely free. If you find this program useful please consider making a donation. This can be done on my website.

Changes in previous versions:

Changes in the version 1.7:

Changes in version 1.6:

Bennyboy 14/08/22