DoubleFine Explorer
By Bennyboy
Version 1.3.8

New in this version (1.3.8):

New in the previous version (1.3.7):

What is DoubleFine Explorer?:
An explorer tool for games by Double Fine Productions. It supports games that use the Moai, Buddha and Remonkeyed engines. Thats all the games released since Psychonauts. (Although partial support for the 2011 re-release of Psychonauts is now also included).
It does the following:

What games are supported?:
The pc versions of the following games are supported. Versions for other platforms should work but are untested.

How to use it:

Filtering the files:

Searching the files:

There are a few audio files that don't decode correctly. This is probably because they use a different codec, I'll look into this in the future. There are known problems with UI.fsb in The Cave and with 5 fsb files in Iron Brigade.

There is partial support for Psychonauts. Right now the data2.pkg file and parts of the level pack files work. I would still recommend that people use Psychonauts Explorer in most cases. The only reason for using this for Psychonauts at the moment is if you have the new Steam or GOG version of the game. The level pack files have changed in these and cant be opened in Psychonauts Explorer.

Grim Remastered -I've concentrated on adding support for the newer stuff introduced in the Remastered version. The original files can still be decoded with SCUMM Revisited.

Extra hidden stuff:
There is a hidden button that can automatically extract a file and open it in a hex editor.
To enable this feature you need to make a DoublefineExplorer.ini file in the same place as the program. Inside it should look like this:

  Hexeditor=C:\Program Files\BreakPoint Software\Hex Workshop v6\HWorks32.exe

Obviously Hexeditor should point to the path of your chosen hex editor.
When the ini is present the button will appear. Files that are sent to the hex editor are first dumped to the temp folder. The program keeps track of what files it has saved here and when you open a new file or close the program it will delete them (though it obviously cant delete any files that are still open in the hex editor).

All source code is on my GitHub.

This program and its source is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v. 2.0.

Jimmi Thøgersen (Serge) for his Vima decoding code.
Luigi Auriemma for infomation on FSB files.
Oliver Franzke for being kind enough to solve the mystery of how images are encoded in DOTT.

Contact me.

All my software is completely free. If you find this program useful please consider making a donation. This can be done on my website.

Bennyboy 14/01/19