Dinky Explorer (Previously known as Thimbleweed Park Explorer)
By Bennyboy and Jan Frederick
Version 0.5.2

New in this version (0.5.2):

New in the previous version (0.5.1):

What is Dinky Explorer?:
An explorer tool for the excellent games Return to Monkey Island, Thimbleweed Park and the Delores mini-adventure.
It does the following:

What versions are supported?:
The games are available for different platforms but its only been fully tested on the windows versions.

How to use it:

Filtering the files:

Searching the files:

Many thanks to mstr- the bundle decoding in this program is based on his twp-ggdump tool.
Everyone at Terrible Toybox for making such great games.
NorTreblig for his contributions including supporting older versions of the game and fixing a variety of bugs.
Jan Frederick who did a huge amount of work on adding support for Return to Monkey Island including decompilation and patching of the script files.

All source code is on my GitHub.

This program and its source is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v. 2.0.

Contact me.

All my software is completely free. If you find this program useful please consider making a donation. This can be done on my website.

Bennyboy 20/02/23