Curse Of Monkey Island Launcher
By Bgbennyboy
Version 2.5

New in this version:

What is Curse Of Monkey Island Launcher ?:
A replacement launcher program for The Curse Of Monkey Island (Monkey Island 3).
It has features not present in the original launcher:

The program does not need to be installed and can be run from anywhere since it reads the registry values in order to find the location of CMI. Consequentally, Curse Of Monkey Island must be installed for the launcher to work correctly.

How to use it:
Usage should be fairly self-explanatory:

Click Options to bring up the options menu.

Debug Patch:
The CMI debug patch was made by Serge (Jimmi Thøgersen) and is included in this launcher with his permission.

The patch only works when the game is running from hard drive. When applied, all debug messages are displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

It also enables a number of ingame keys:

Windowed mode may be slow/jerky on some systems and certain parts of the game may be difficult to play in windowed mode (eg the cannon firing section).

Windowed mode does not work correctly on Windows XP and Vista, this is due to a bug in the game.

Credits and thanks to:
Jimmi Thøgersen (Serge`) for all his help over time, info about CMI windowed mode and for allowing me to include his CMI debug patch.

Launcher icon uses the CMI icon created by Thanius.

Readme, tick, cross and update icons from the Buff set by Mahttahan.

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bgbennyboy 08/10/07