USB Disk Ejector Updated

I’ve just uploaded a new version of USB Disk Ejector. This release fixes inconsistencies with its handling of memory cards, changes the ‘bring to front’ hotkey so its a show/hide toggle and adds a /EJECTCARD switch to let you eject memory cards from the command line. The full list of changes can be seen in the … Read more

USB Disk Ejector – A bugfix

A small update to USB Disk Ejector today to fix a bug with the last version. If you hovered the mouse over the program when there was no drives inserted it would create an error. Many thanks to Bruce Lightfoot for spotting this. Download it here.

USB Disk Ejector 1.3 Released!

After 3 years and 6 beta versions I’m finally releasing a new stable version of USB Disk Ejector. I cant begin to put a number on how many hours I’ve spent working on this. Its now a much more comprehensive program than the old version – there are tons of new features and its much … Read more