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09 Nov 2013

Wolf Among Us Episode 1 – Support Added

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I forgot about this, so apologies to those who asked me weeks ago. I’ve now added support for The Wolf Among Us episode 1 to Telltale Music Extractor. I’ll update the Speech Extractor too when I get some free time.

Download it here.

14 May 2013

Poker Night 2 support added

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I’ve been very busy lately so this is a bit late but I’ve finally added support for Poker Night 2 to  Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor.

Download them here.

08 Mar 2013

New program – DoubleFine Explorer

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Recently someone asked me to make a quick file extractor for the excellent game The Cave. I thought it’d be fairly easy but….it wasn’t. I eventually got it working, made a few tweaks to add support for other Double Fine games that use the same engine and when Brutal Legend was unexpectedly released for pc – I found it worked for that too. A few people have requested the program, so I’ve given it the necessary polish and today sees the first release of DoubleFine Explorer.

It works in much the same way as my other explorer tools and enables you to extract, view and convert resources from all games by Double Fine that use the Buddah engine (that’s all games released since Psychonauts). Images, music, scripts, csv data and text are all viewable and dumpable.

It works with Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, The Cave and Brutal Legend.

Download it here.

04 Jan 2013

Goodbye Mojo, Hello Self-Hosting.

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After being hosted by Mixnmojo for nearly 9 years I’ve finally bought a domain and started to pay for hosting myself. The old address now redirects to The old address should continue to work but you should probably update your bookmarks and rss to point to the new domain.

Many thanks to Mojo for hosting the site for all these years and to Jake, Remi and Zaarin for their help with it over that time.

As the site is now self-hosted donations would be appreciated more than ever. So if you’re one of those people who pesters me for months to update my software please consider donating.

04 Jan 2013

Telltale Tools Updated. Speech, Music and Explorer.

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After an unusually large number of emails asking me to update my Telltale tools, I’m finally doing so.  Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor now support all episodes of The Walking Dead and have stopped using the dll files that some antivirus programs incorrectly flagged as a virus.

Telltale Explorer has also been updated to support Hector Badge of Carnage and Jurassic Park (remember that only games that are at least a year old are supported in this tool).

Download them here.

06 Aug 2012

Telltale Explorer Bugfix

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Today brings a small update to Telltale Explorer to fix a couple of bugs that have been reported. Bone 2 now opens correctly and the lua files in CSI Hard Evidence now display properly.

Download it here.

25 Jul 2012

Telltale Tools Updated Again

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After much pestering via email I’m releasing new versions of my Telltale tools.

Support for  Law & Order Legacies and The Walking Dead Episodes 1 + 2 has been added to Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor now supports these games plus Jurassic Park.

Telltale Explorer has also been updated to support Puzzle Agent 2, CSI Fatal Conspiracy, Poker Night At The Inventory and Back To The Future (remember that only games that are at least a year old are supported in this tool).

Download them here.

01 May 2012

Site back up

No Comments News (my host) has had its annual downtime and a server move. Everything should be more or less back to normal now but there may still be a few bits of the site that are wonky. I should have any remaining problems sorted within the next few days.

10 Dec 2011

USB Disk Ejector – bugfix for custom card readers

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Yet another small update for USB Disk Ejector. This one fixes a rare bug that could prevent custom card readers from being identified as a card reader when the program was first run. And again, many thanks to Bruce Lightfoot for spotting this.

Download it here.

30 Nov 2011

Telltale Music Extractor – Added support for Jurassic Park

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The title says it all.

The reason for the delay is that I wanted to wait until Telltale had sold out of the deluxe edition (which comes with the soundtrack). It seems that they haven’t yet though so I urge you to go and buy it while you can.

Download the Music Extractor here.

21 Nov 2011

USB Disk Ejector – Improved Error Reporting

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Another small update for USB Disk Ejector. This one improves error reporting to make it more informative and less scary. There shouldn’t be any “unknown error when ejecting” messages now. Again, many thanks to Bruce Lightfoot for spotting this.

Download it here.

16 Nov 2011

USB Disk Ejector – A bugfix

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A small update to USB Disk Ejector today to fix a bug with the last version. If you hovered the mouse over the program when there was no drives inserted it would create an error. Many thanks to Bruce Lightfoot for spotting this.

Download it here.

13 Nov 2011

USB Disk Ejector 1.3 Released!

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After 3 years and 6 beta versions I’m finally releasing a new stable version of USB Disk Ejector.

I cant begin to put a number on how many hours I’ve spent working on this. Its now a much more comprehensive program than the old version – there are tons of new features and its much more flexible and configurable.

Please see the readme for the full list of changes and make sure you read the “Upgrading From Previous Versions” section.

Some of the most important changes are:

  • Full card reader and memory card support. You can now eject media, show/hide card readers, hide empty card readers and even define drives as card readers.
  • Mountpoint support. All detection and ejecting is done using mountpoints rather than drive letters, this means that drives mounted in a folder like this are supported.
  • Options window added – options can now be easily set and saved. There are now many settings that can be configured and customised.
  • Much better notifications:
    • Uses balloon hints in the taskbar for notifications instead of a messagebox
    • Much better detection and explanation of the reasons for a failed eject
    • Now notifies (via a balloon hint) when an eject is successful
  • Support for Firewire disks.
  • Big changes to drive detection and ejection code – stops the freezing that could sometimes happen with the old version when trying to eject some types of drive.


Huge thanks to all the people who’ve tested it and suggested features. Please spread the word about this new version.

Download it here.

25 Sep 2011

Updated Telltale Tools – Music Extractor, Speech Extractor and Explorer

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A trio of Telltale-related updates today. Telltale Music Extractor and Telltale Speech Extractor have both been updated to support Puzzle Agent 2, Hector 102 and Hector 103.

Telltale Explorer has also been updated to support Sam and Max Season 3 and Puzzle Agent Episode 1 (remember that only games that are at least a year old are supported in this tool).

Download them here.

21 Sep 2011

USB Disk Eject 1.2 Beta 5

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Its been a long time since the last beta release and today I’m finally releasing beta 5.  Please see the last beta post for the full list of changes since the last stable version.


This version has some minor tweaks behind the scenes but the main change is a bugfix that *should* should stop the freezes that some people were getting when ejecting. However its possible that the changes could have the opposite effect and it might stop disks ejecting for some. Its fine for me but I need people to test this on different versions of Windows.

Please read this first:

This beta is considered fully-functional – i.e. most things should work. See the last beta post for the full list of changes. Please give me feedback in the comments but please try to be specific and give me as much information as possible such as Windows version, what you’re trying to eject etc.

Things that wont work in this beta:

Card reader support is disabled. Ejecting a card reader will eject the device not the card in this beta. I’ll be looking into card reader support again once I’ve got the next stable release done.

Windows 2000 support is broken. I’ve tried my best to ensure that the new features support Windows 2000 but I don’t think it’ll work. I don’t have 2000 to be able to test this.

Link removed – there’s now a newer stable release.